Hotel Notes:

1. We are no longer posting hotel letters for courses on line, but are rather sending these directly to those who have signed up for courses 3-4 weeks in advance of those courses. Further, donít wait to sign up for desired courses as we must have 10 people to hold a course and without this number we cannot negotiate with hotels to secure the best and most affordable meeting and sleeping space. If we donít have 10 participants one month before a course, we will be forced to cancel the course. In the event of a course being cancelled secondary to non-viable numbers, all money will be promptly refunded. Therefore, if you desire a course over desired dates in a desired location itís important to formally sign up as soon as you reasonably can. While the courses have never been stronger, it is attendee numbers which ultimately determines their viability, so sign up as soon as you reasonably can. DO NOT make travel plans before receiving the specific location details for a specific course 3-4 weeks prior to that course.

2. Approximately 1 month prior to the meeting, you will receive a registration letter detailing specific course and hotel information. If you entered a room preference on the registration page, we will reserve that room under our group rate with the hotel. If you didn't enter a room preference but need to stay at the meeting hotel, call our secure hotel line: (319)-338-7800 ASAP. It is important to realize that we will not reserve space for you unless you've called or given us the information over the web.

3. One week before the meeting, call the reservation desk in the hotel and ask for your confirmation number. If the hotel cannot help you or indicates a problem call me.  For this purpose, call 319-338-7800.  Do not call the main number.  This is how people get lost in the shuffle. However, if we do not get back to you within 24-36 hours call 319-337-3700.

4. THIS IS IMPORTANT Once you leave your credit card information with us and a reservation is made for you, the hotel will charge your credit card if your reservation is changed (for example, come in a day later) or cancelled (for example, switch to another meeting or do not come at all).  Once you leave your hotel information it is very important that any changes in your plans are known to us (for purposes of planning the meeting) as well as the hotel itself for purposes of reservation changes.  It has never happened, but it is also possible that somehow your information could be miscommunicated by us to the hotel or entered improperly by them--yet another reason to review this information directly with the hotel.  In other words, exactly one week before the meeting you need to call the hotel for your confirmation number, just as if I were not involved in this process, as if you had made the reservation yourself.  Specifically, hotels generally have 24-72 hour cancellation policies.  If these are not followed, sometimes they will charge the first nights room rate.  They do this because if they are in a sold-out condition, such a cancellation costs them money.  If there are any questions about this situation, please call us.  I am trying to be as specific as possible on this point.  On one occasion in the past, a very nice Ranger left all of her information but at the last minute changed her plans without calling the hotel.  The first nights room charge appeared on her credit card and she was upset.  We were able to get it overturned but not without stress. When you cancel a room, always get a cancellation number from the hotel. Again, it is very important that you have a confirmation number and that you contact the hotel regarding confirmation as well as changes, just as you would in the situation of personal travel. I hope this is clear. Again, if not please call.