Digital MOCA Blue (AKA “Digital MOCA”) is a digital version of MOCA Blue-Essentials for the Anesthesiology “Basic” and “Advanced” Board Examinations.

MOCA Blue, and now Digital MOCA, offer 20 years of a key-word correlated, summarized, and focused information database directed at the ABA MOCA examination.

In addition to key word focus, MOCA Blue is based upon released, old Board examinations pertinent to the MOCA examination, and is the best source for coverage of the more than 200 released “ABA GAPs”—topics released by the Board to training programs over the past 15 years, and missed by more than 50% of trainees taking Board examinations. These topics are released by the Board without explanation, and often require considerable research and skilled summarization to effectively utilize. We intuitively know and now have seen how these GAP topics span the spectrum of Boards, and just as the Board is concerned about lack of knowledge in these areas among residents they are equally so among those out in practice as many of these points are ultimately related to patient safety.

Digital MOCA should be utilized as a source to read comprehensively, to shore-up deficiencies in one’s focused information database, to search for information, and to “copy and paste” information that has been carefully summarized for the purpose of subsequent memorization and even recitation.

Digital MOCA is much more highly portable and therefore more accessible, while also being much less bulky and obtrusive to facilitate on-the-go study, or quick referencing and/or review in the operating room. The “search” and “copy and paste” functionalities add an element to study that can be crucial to your success.

Digital MOCA is offered with restrictions. Specifically, there are limitations upon the “copy and paste” function. Further, Digital MOCA can be currently downloaded on up to FOUR devises, and no more.

If you have struggled in the past or are currently struggling to pass these challenging examinations, Digital MOCA will prove to be a very powerful weapon in your attack upon and ultimate Victory over Boards.

“Digital MOCA” is MOCA Blue as a digital electronic book which has been produced to work within the Adobe DRM (Digital Rights Management) framework. Many of you are familiar with this set-up and currently have a library of digital books using this system, for example, Smith and Cote, among others, which are offered by Elsevier. Digital MOCA is offered by us through “Edition Guard,” a licensee and distributor of the Adobe Digital Rights Management software.

Once Digital MOCA is ordered, your payment will be processed and following that instructions as to how to download a free Adobe digital books reader along with a link will be sent to your email box.

Your payment will require 24-48 hours on weekdays to process, and up to 72 hours on weekends; you will not receive the link, nor the instructions, until your payment is processed.

Once your payment is processed, you will be directed to the Abode website and will then download the free Adobe reader. You will also at this time receive a link from us and AFTER the Adobe reader is installed and you should have no problem opening Digital MOCA as either the first, or as one of many books in your electronic library.

If you experience difficulty please email Dr. Jensen directly at and/or call and leave a message at 800-321-3700 for support. Please also email Dr. Jensen’s assistants at Along with this step, please do the following. Call Edition Guard at their toll free number and speak to a technical representative and receive and act upon their advise. Their number is Edition Guard--1 855 563 3548.

The content domain of the ABA for the MOCA examination is large, formidable, and not easy to either research or command.

I’ve spent 20 years attacking and commanding the MOCA ABA content domain, focusing upon ABA MOCA keywords, ABA old Board questions relevant to the MOCA, remembered information, and the 200 ABA GAP areas, which more than 50% miss.

The purpose of Digital MOCA is to provide an easy to carry, highly accessible, searchable, and user-friendly digital book to comprehensively study, quickly search, and copy and paste for your own document preparation the large amount of focused material necessary to confidently pass the MOCA.

I’ve identified, summarized, parsed, and re-parsed the crucial information you now need to know so it can be quickly accessed, learned, and retained for these challenging, closed book examinations.

It’s one thing to study general information, but what’s more important, is MOCA specific, focused, honed, parsed, and summarized information that is focused upon these examinations. With discipline, work, and repetition this focused information database can be commanded and retained in one’s synapses to answer difficult, sometimes highly esoteric, questions on ABA closed book examinations.

Providing this focused information database, and providing it in a highly accessible, searchable, and “copy and paste” form is the point and purpose of Digital MOCA.

Many fall short, relying chiefly or only upon banks of questions. The reason is intuitively obvious. Question banks, ultimately, are spotty in their coverage of content domain material and don’t often include more complex and difficult subjects tested by the Board; while question banks can drill the most commonly tested topics, they are often lacking when it comes to new information and/or especially difficult key words and topics--which are tough enough to identify and even tougher to summarize in cogent, user friendly, “not too little and not too much,” encapsulations that can be remembered in the examination room.

There is an enormous amount of information on almost every single ABA topic area, but it’s often either too detailed, or not detailed enough. MOCA Blue and now Digital MOCA have been honed and re-honed, parsed and re-parsed, to provide just the right amount of detail necessary to answer likely questions written by skillful examiners. The portability, ability to search, and capability to copy and paste are bound to increase access to this focused information, and if it’s more accessible to your finger-tips it will ultimately be better retained in your synapses.

Digital MOCA can be read comprehensively on any one of a number of devises of your choosing—devises likely to be more portable than MOCA Blue. Again, this portability increases accessibility, and thereby leads to quicker and better command of focused information. The list of devises compatible is on the Edition Guard website.

Over and over during the past 25 years, we’ve seen how the Board tests difficult points, and true and complete command of this information is the difference between success and failure.

For many, some time every day is necessary in comprehensive, multiple reads through MOCA Blue and now Digital MOCA. Thousands attest to the fact that this command of essential and “likely to be asked” information will improve any score, and is especially vital for those who struggle on these difficult exams; Digital MOCA will facilitate your repetition through MOCA Blue and your ultimate recitation-quality command—a vital step for many to passing these difficult examination.

A very important role of Digital MOCA is in creating a rapid and effective manner to query the Board focused, relevant, and summarized database of knowledge within it to look-up and thereby focus upon and command your individual key words—a step recommended strenuously by the ABA, but often ignored.

Digital MOCA does not contain every key word, nor key topic, which either has been covered or may be covered, no one source does, but it does contain a reservoir of focused, summarized information which has taken 25 years to amass, methodically, and relentlessly, and including the ABA GAPs—information which can and should be strongly cemented into your synapses.

Digital MOCA will be a permanent part of the your electronic books library. As with other electronic books, one can perform full “search” and “copy and paste” features involving a reasonable amount of text; we want to facilitate full use of Digital MOCA, to allow hard-working examinees to most efficiently and effectively prepare for and pass MOCA Boards, and this means allowing reasonable copy and paste functions; we want to facilitate as much quick retrieval of focused information as possible to drive at our goal of cementing information strongly into your synapses.

Digital MOCA is offered to those who have previously purchased MOCA Blue at a fair and reasonable discount, and will greatly aid, augment, and support your paper copy study and command of MOCA Blue; Digital MOCA is an invaluable supplement to MOCA Blue and I recommend it highly for those who need help and desire a tool which offer a real competitive advantage in this effort.

The ABA Board examinations are some of the toughest offered by any specialty Board. To beat it, in some cases, powerful tools are helpful, tools that offer a decisive competitive advantage. Digital MOCA is such a tool, and I urge you to utilize forcefully and decisively to pass the MOCA now. In this spirit,

“Onward to Victory!”
Niels F. Jensen, M.D.
Wingman for Boards